August 26, 2023

DIY Lace Doily Necklace

I love this necklace tutorial that I found from Elizabeth Anne Designs. The necklace is made from a doily, so not only is it super cute, but it's vintage as well-which is super awesome. Being able to take something old and give it new life is so great. That's exactly what this necklace does. And, when you're finished, it looks like a beautiful boutique piece that would be great for a bride or a bridesmaid (or just to wear on any old day!). It's really easy to do and hardly costs to my ears!

Finding the right doily for this project may be the hardest part.  You need one with good shape and structure in the size you like, but one that is also delicate enough.
You can purchase all of the supplies from this project (except for the *perfect* vintage doily, of course!) at Michael’s.  You will need:
  • Vintage doily
  • Sewing  glue
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Jewelry chain
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp closure
1) Lay your doily out and decide where to cut.  Be sure that each side of the doily after cutting has four loops for the chain.
2) After cutting the lace, dot sewing glue around the edges and where the chain will be added to prevent it from fraying.
3) Measure the chain for your neck and doily.
4) Open a jump ring with needle nose pliers, and attach it to one end of your chain.  Thread the jump ring through the doily.  Use flat nose pliers to close the jump ring.  Do the same with a smaller length of chain on the second doily loop on the same side of the necklace.  Then use another jump ring to attach the smaller length of chain to the longer length.  Repeat on the other side of the doily.

At the other ends of your chain, use jump rings to attach your necklace closures.  Rebekah found a precious typewriter key closure  for this necklace.
Voila, a beautiful vintage doily necklace!
Images and tutorial by Rebekah J Murray for Elizabeth Anne Designs.

8 lovely comments:

Whitney Ellen said...

How awesome is that?!

Miss Tattoo said...

That's so cute!

Laura said...

That is so cute. What a great idea.

Shardi said...

Thanks for the great feedback ladies!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have a doilie that my grandma made just sitting in a drawer. What a cool way to enjoy it. Thanks!

Jackie said...

What a wonderfully creative idea. These would make wonderful gifts and a great way to reuse the doilies I have laying around.

Fedulab said...

Damn great idea!!!

angry birds rio said...

So beautiful pendant! i love it very much and i will have it, thanks.

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