August 8, 2023

Etsy Finds Part II

I think it's time to feature another round of gorgeous Etsy items! I absolutely adore Etsy and all of the creative professionals that spend their time and energy creating one-of-a-kind items for us to buy. It's the perfect place to go for wedding shopping. You'll find pieces that are unique, special, and oh-so-creative. Trust me, your head will be swimming with all of the wonderful things you'll find. I can literally spend my entire day (and paycheck) on there! Go check out Etsy today and see what you can find.

In the meantime, check out some of my favorite items at the moment.

1.Here's a to-die-for headwreath by Blue Orchid Floral. I love this for the whimsical bride who wants to feel like a woodland fairy. With this beautiful headpiece, you'll look like something straight out of a fairytale.

Click here for more info!

2. I adore the simplicity of this monogrammed cake topper by Better Off Wed. The wood is so pretty and would go well with an outdoorsy, vintage, or rustic-chic style wedding. Plus, it's easily customizable!

Click here for more info!

3. I love banners. They're funky and fun and have a vintage-flair to them. There are tons of different ones out there, but why not shop for them in one spot? Funky Shique has a huge variety of hand-made, customizable banners that are all so effortlessly cool.

Click here for more info!

4. I swear, I am in love with this dress. Coralie Beatrix is a genius. The dress is just so soft and feminine and looks like it would be flattering on any body type. In fact, this dress is completely convertible so it can be worn in an endless amount of ways to fit each of the girls in your bridal party. How awesome is that?

Click here for more info!

5. This headpiece is kind of a gasp-er. By that, I mean that I literally gasped out-loud when I saw it. Holy Toledo, it has more bling than a rapper's grill. I just can't stop looking at it. Thank you Myra Kim for such a beautiful creation.

Click here for more info!
6. This bouquet by Really Bad Kitty is so stunning. It's simple and elegant and unique at the same time. It's made of satin and vintage/antique buttons; a beautiful combo! It's different than just a plain satin bouquet, or an entirely-button bouquet. I think it's a great mix. And, you could keep it forever, a definite bonus! I'm pretty sure I could look at it for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.

P.S. Check out my post about button decor, featuring another of Really Bad Kitty's creations!
See it here!

Click here for more info!

There's my top 6 Etsy picks for now. See anything that you love? Have you found your own Etsy treasures? I'd love to see them!

6 lovely comments:

Laura said...

Wow! That dress IS amazing!! I'm in
love with the ruffles underneath!

And that cake topper is the coolest. I love the spelled out names she makes too. That would look really cute on the wall post wedding!!

k... said...

Dang! That headpiece is #5 is crazy awesome! Also, love the blog! Dare I say I have a bit of blog envy.

Shannon said...

Oooo! I love that dress, too! And like Laura said, I'm in love with the ruffles underneath. I just wish it came in more colors!

Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

That dress, the head piece and the button bouquet seem to be calling out to me. Loves!!

Shardi said...

Laura: I love the ruffles too. They're so much fun! And ya, I knew you'd like the cake topper and the other things from her cute and rustic.

K: Ya, isn't the headpiece just unbelievable? So much sparkle! Thank you so much for the sweet comment. You're too kind!

Shannon: I feel ya on that one. More colors is def a must. Maybe she would take suggestions? Hmm...worth a try.

Mimi: They were calling out to me too! I'm glad you like them.

Holly Marie said...

Thanks for following! LOVE your etsy finds as well! GREAT minds do think alike! :)

I'll be featuring my etsy finds every friday, cant wait to see more stuff you find!

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