August 11, 2023

It's a Wrap! (I'm so clever)

Remember the post I had a few days ago, featuring an awesome dress from Etsy? (Here!).
They're handmade by Coralie Beatrix and just stunning.

Well, I've really been looking into it further. At first I just thought it was a pretty dress. But, the more I'm looking at it, the more I'm loving it. Let me tell you why.

1. It's convertible. It can be worn a ton of different ways. And, I mean a TON.

Here's a few examples of the tops. Keep in mind, these are all the SAME dress, just tied differently.

2. It would be perfect for the mismatched bridesmaid look. Each girl could tie their dress differently, but they would all be cohesive because, essentially, they're the same dress!

3. They come in long and short and both are just awesome.

4. They come in a one size fits most deal (size 2-12). If you are small, you just wrap your dress more times. So, it wouldn't be a huge hassle fitting everybody.

5. If it's too long, or you don't like the length, you just cut off the bottom where you want it. The fabric doesn't need a hem.

6. They claim to be super flattering on every body shape, which would be great. Each girl could just find a way to wear it that flatters them, and wear it that way.

7. They're not very expensive! $79 for a short dress, $99 for a long one.

So, what to do, what to do.....I think I might order one for myself. Then I can play around with it and see if I like it. Plus, all the other girls could try it on too! Which one do you like best?? Long? Short? Which color?

12 lovely comments:

Leah said...

This is the perfect solution to the mis-matched bridesmaids look! What a great dress.

xo L.

Kathleen said...

I found these dresses awhile ago and will probably buy one for the honeymoon :) I want mismatched bridesmaids too, but my girls weren't up for the challenge of figuring out their own way to wear a wrap dress..we ended up deciding on more traditional dresses, so they are choosing their own styles in the same color from one company. Great blog btw :)

Shardi said...

Leah: Thank you! I think it might be the perfect solution too. I'm very excited!

Kathleen: Haha yes, I haven't mentioned to my girls yet that I'm thinking about doing this. Could be a little bit of a hassle to learn to tie the darn thing. But, all my girls are really crafty, so I'm hoping they'll see it as a fun challenge! I'm glad to talk to someone else that's doing mismatched dresses! I think it's such a fun idea. Thank you for commenting!

k... said...

If your girls are crafty this could be a neat way for them to express their personalities. said...

OMG i need one like now! Thanks for sharing!!! <3

Shardi said...

K: Yes, I think so too! I'm hoping they'll be up for it! That's exactly how I felt when I saw them. Instant love!

Karlita said...

Really wish i would have used this dress for my girls.. how fun is it!!!

Miss Tattoo said...

I would buy this for myself! I don't think it would work for my bridesmaids since they are size 0-24 and the ones that are 14-24 have huge tata's.

Shardi said...

Karlita: Yes they are super fun! That's the perfect word to describe it. Couldn't have said it better myself :)

Miss Tat: HAHA! Some girls get all the luck! They do come in plus sizes though as an FYI. Could be worth looking into. Or you can just buy one for yourself and look oh so fab in it.

nata said...

Hey hey! I'm actually the one wearing the dresses in the photos in your post and I can tell you the dresses are honestly amazing. I met Katie (owner of Coralie Beatrix) when I bought my bridesmaid dresses. As soon as I got them home, I was coming up with dozens of styles (many of which are shown above). If you ever need any help wrapping I could totally walk you through it, but it's really easy once practice a bit.

Your blog is so darling - it's rad seeing your thought process during your wedding planning...

Shardi said...

Nata: You're the beautiful model in the pictures! OH, I'm so very jealous! Thank you so much for the input. They look so good on you, and I'm hoping they flatter me in the same way. I just bought one today, so I'll be anxiously waiting for it to come, then I may give you a shout if I need any advice. Thank you so much. XO

AlwaysWright said...

Great idea. I love the yellow one! What does the one you got look like? I want one now.

@nata: wow.



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