August 24, 2023

Literature Wedding

With school having just started (and me thanking my lucky stars that I've graduated), I thought a literature-themed wedding would be so appropriate. I love the idea of a literary wedding because it's so effortlessly classic and vintage. There's even something extremely romantic about books. The great thing is that you could even get your centerpieces and decor from second-hand shops! Buy some vintage books and you've got instant decoration. Couldn't get any easier than that. Also, notice that the bouquet in the right corner is made of paper...not just any paper, but book pages! I love that. You could really get creative with this theme. Some couples name their tables after American classics, some send out personalized pencils as favors, and some even cut their books up to make literary works of art. Give it a shot!

Center: book
First row: Table 2, books and camera, paper vase, Table 3
Second row: upright books
Third row: couple, bouquet
Fourth row: rings, stack of books, library cards

7 lovely comments:

Whitney Ellen said...

That bouquet is super awesome!

Ashley said...

What a great wedding theme! I love all things vintage & classic. Perfect!

Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

Beautiful. One of my friends had her bridesmaids walk down the aisle with each of her favorite books. It was super cool and smart :-)

Shardi said...

Whitney: isn't it cool? The book nerd in me is definitely coming out! :)

Ashley: Thank you so much for the sweet comment!

Mimi: Omg I LOVE that idea! Such a unique way to do things. I wish I would've included something like that in my inspiration board. Thanks for the idea!

k... said...

I'm a book nerd too but I hate altering books ( I can't even fold a page over) so I couldn't do this myself. It's very pretty to look at though. Sigh.

Shannon said...

I love the table numbers cut out of actual pages!

Shardi said...

K: You don't have to destroy the books to use them! They look great just stacked on top of one another.

Shannon: I do too! Such a fun idea. Thanks for the comment :)



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