August 6, 2023

"LOVE" for 7 points

It's the details in a wedding that make it a memorable, special event. Details are what make your special day stand out from every other wedding you've ever been to. One of the detail ideas that I absolutely love is the use of Scrabble tiles. The use of these adorable game tiles are fun and whimsical and are perfect for the word-loving couple.  The great thing is that you can even use Scrabble tiles to personalize your wedding. Since you can make any words your little heart desires (that's what they're for!) you can use the tiles for names on placecards. Or, you can go with more generic words (you can see that "love" is a popular one, for obvious reasons). Think about adding this detail to your wedding and your guests will love the thought you put into it.

Photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty

5 lovely comments:

Shannon said...

Great job on this one!

We love playing Yahtzee. Makes me wanna come up with a board for that!

Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

I've been thinking of ways to incorporate scrabble into our wedding and love this post!!

Shardi said...

Thanks ladies for the comments.

Shannon: That's a great idea! I love Yahtzee too. You could use dice to decorate instead of Scrabble tiles. Love it! You've got me thinking about other games and how to use them. Thanks!

Mimi: Thanks girl! Love the feedback.

Laura said...

The details are what I love most about a wedding, especially for the photo memories like these. This idea is super cute too!

Shardi said...

Laura: Thanks for the input! Yes, you're right, it's very much about what makes for a cute photograph. Going through the pain of details is so worth it.

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