August 16, 2023

Mini-sized appetizers

Appetizers can be great for a wedding, especially if you're planning on giving your guests a cocktail hour between the ceremony and the reception. Plus, everybody loves food that comes in tiny, bite-sized portions. I mean, c'mon, they're just plain fun to eat! But what's even better than small portions, are food that are actually mini-sized. Typically, you take a food that is normal-sized, and shrink it down so that people can eat it in one bite. Mini foods are cute. And they're smart. They'll keep your guests occupied while you're gone. Just don't be surprised if you walk in and find them all pretending to be giants.

Photos courtesy of Style me Pretty, Bridal Bar, Examiner, and The Bride Suite.
From left to right: 1.Mini potato skins  2.Mini ice cream cones  3.Mini corn dogs  4.Mini pies  5.Mini hamburgers  6. Mini pancakes  7.Mini doughnuts  8.Mini pop-tarts  9.Mini grilled cheese/tomato soup  10.Mini champagne bottles  11.Mini cheesecakes  12.Mini caramel apples  13.Mini milkshakes.

11 lovely comments:

Higgenbottom said...

delicious! the mini pop tarts are so beautiful! as are the pie pops!

Whitney Ellen said...

Oh my! I LOVE the pancakes and the grilled cheese! Amazing ideas, and you're right, small things are super cute!!

Shardi said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!! I'm so glad you liked the post.

k... said...

The mini-pop tarts are the cutest! I was into the mini champagne bottles until I priced them out. Sigh.

AlwaysWright said...

I had these. We had;
mini fish and chips
mini fishcakes
mini skewers
and one more which has escaped my mind

They looked fab

Shardi said...

K: Yes I thought the pop tarts were so stinking cute! I almost couldn't stand to eat them (almost). That's a bummer about the champagne bottles. They'd be so fun to have.

Always Wright: Wow! That sounds so awesome! I love fish and chips. And mini fish and chips would be even better!

Lioness said...

Girl, you make me feel soo hungry and i just ate.

The appetizers look so YUMMY!!!!!

Jacqueline Paris said...

Omg those mini pancakes are to die for!! Of course I'm not eating carbs (well, trying not to) since my wedding is in 6 weeks ahh!!!! Everything looks so yummy!!!

Shardi said...

Lioness: haha I know, they make me hungry too. I've got to stop looking at them!

Jacqueline: Good for you, girl. I'm sure you'll look absolutely fab in your dress! So exciting that it's getting so close for you. Thanks for commenting! said...

ahhh so hungry now the pancakes look sooo good! They all look so freaking cute I wonder who can make them?

20 Going on 80 said...

Ohh these are all so cute! I don't think I would be able to decide which ones to I'd probably just go with all of them :)



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