August 28, 2023

Modern & Contemporary

Sleek. Modern. Contemporary. Three words that make for a stunning, breath-taking, beautiful wedding. This minimalist look is all about sharp lines, cool architectural patterns, and bold black and white with pops of color. I love it that it makes you feel like you are in an expensive penthouse in New York city, sipping champagne. Honestly, it's just so cool. I can hardly stand it! 

Photos courtesy of Style me Pretty

3 lovely comments:

Lioness said...

i was just reading the posts i have missed. I love all of them but my fav is the wine bottle piece. LOVE IT!!!!!!!


Laura said...

Those shoes are awesome. I know a very eclectic bride wearing something similar next month. I think they're maroon though. I love when details are just a little different!

Shardi said...

Lioness: Thanks, girl! As always, appreciate the comments.

Laura: Aren't they great? They're so fun and different. Yes, I think weddings can make it or break it based on the details. So important!

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