August 17, 2023

Vineyard-inspired Wedding

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: you don't have to have your wedding at a vineyard to have a wine-inspired wedding. No really, you don't! (Notice that I didn't include one picture that shows an actual vineyard!) All you've got to have are details and decorations that scream "You're at a fancy vineyard in Napa Valley!" and you'll start to think you really are.

A wine-themed wedding can be so elegant. It could be especially fun if you're from somewhere that doesn't have very many vineyards. It will be like a mini getaway for you and your guests. The trick is to make your friends and family feel like they're at a vineyard. Think: corks, grapes, lots of wine, cheese, bread, wine barrels/crates and of course, a color palette to match. When I think of wine, I imagine dark purples, plums, reds, pinks. Stick to some of these things and you'll be able to pull off a fun, chic, sophisticated vineyard wedding, without the vineyard!

vineyard wedding

Photo Credits:

Center: table
First row: suit, wine, bride
Second row: wine box
Third row: cheese, purple centerpiece
Fourth row: couple with grapes, vine centerpiece, corks, bouquet

4 lovely comments:

Whitney Ellen said...

Wow! So classy and beautiful. Great ideas!! Love the warmth of that table.

Susan said...

oh i love this and the red-hot wedding!!
i am helping plan my older sisters wedding right now, she's doing the wine thing, but the red-hot wedding is totally ME!

Shardi said...

Whitney: Thank you! I love the warmth of it too. Seems so pretty and cozy. Thanks for commenting!

Susan: You must be a pretty fire-y girl to love the red hot wedding! It's such a great, fun color!

Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...




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