September 8, 2023

DIY Favor Boxes

Favors. Some brides opt for them, some decide against them. Either way is perfectly fine. But, if you do decide to have a small favor, chances are you're going to need a cute little way to package them up. Well, I found the most adorable favor boxes from Bijoux Bride for just such an occasion. And the best part is that they're DIY! You can make them in any color, with any ribbon, and fill them up with any favor you'd like. Holy smokes do I love customizable things. So here they are. Give 'em a shot!

You will need:
1 x favour box template
1 x thank-you flag template
2 x sheets A4 card (you could use complimentary colours to add an extra bit of pizzazz when your guests open the box!)
A pair of sharp scissors
Cocktail sticks or toothpicks
Ribbon to coordinate with your wedding colours

Dowload and print the templates, and cut out the favour box template.  Glue the two pieces of card back-to-back and then cut out the box shape using the template

Once you have the shape, fold all the little strips inwards, place your favours in the middle, and pinch all the strips together at the top before securing with a little bit of tape.  Cover the tape by tieing a pretty piece of ribbon in your wedding colours

Cut out the ‘thank-you’ banners, snipping one end in a ‘v’ shape to make a flag.  Roll the other end around a cocktail stick an secure with a bit of tape.  Gently push your flag into the top of your box…

6 lovely comments:

Whitney Ellen said...

These are super cute!
I'm having the hardest time deciding on favors.

k... said...

I like how they look open and closed. You could totally decorate the table with them open as well.

SKendall said...

These are so cute and would be adorable on a candy buffet too!

20 Going on 80 said...

Oh my word! Those are soooooo awesome!

Shardi said...

Whitney: ya, it's such a tricky decision! Thanks for commenting.

K: Great point! I didn't even think about using them open too. Love it!

SKendall: Yes, they would! I love that idea!

20 going on 80: Thank you! I appreciate the love

Miss Tattoo said...

How cute! I'm still up in the air about favors.



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