September 9, 2023

Earthy Elegant Wedding

I love a good earthy where there's moss and greenery, sticks, feathers, weedy-flowers, pine cones...I love it all! There's just something so calming about a wedding that is all about the good ole outdoors. Not to mention, it takes major skill to be able to pull off an earthy wedding and still keep it elegant. Afterall, you don't want you guests to feel like they're in a swamp in  your backyard. It's still a wedding. It should still feel like a wedding. So I guess "elegant-earthy" would be an appropriate name. Or "not-too-earthy-but-still-earthy...earthy." You get the picture.

Center: hands
First row: table, couple, cupcakes, plant
Second row: decoration, centerpiece
Third row: stationary, cake
Fourth row: boutonniere, plant, couple kissing, bride

2 lovely comments:

Miss Tattoo said...

I love the colors!

Kat said...

I'm going for something like this with our wedding... earthy/rustic/vintage. I can totally make those meld somehow... right? :P



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