September 27, 2023

Mexican Fiesta Wedding!

Who doesn't love a Mexican fiesta? It's so bright and colorful that you can't help but be happy. And, if you get to hit things with a stick and drink Mexican beer and margaritas, you're guaranteed a good time. I think that a wedding fiesta is such an incredibly fun idea. Just imagine: live music, Mexican treats, a big flower in your hair, and a bouquet with every color under the sun in it. Sounds amazing. If you're getting married on or around Cinco de Mayo, this is a must. A must, I say!

Center picture: Couple
Top row: Couple, place setting, maracas, "bride" chair
Second row: Bouquet, cake topper
Third row: cake, pinata
Fourth row: banner, sombreros, bottle, shoes

3 lovely comments:

Miss Tattoo said...

ok...dudes hair in the middle photo is fierce!

Shardi said...

Isn't it?? Haha! I couldn't NOT put him front and center.

Karen said...

Ha, as a Cinco de Mayo bride I had to post about YOUR post!! It'll be on my blog later this week!! Love it!!



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