September 13, 2023

White and Burlap Wedding

Lately I feel like I've been doing a lot of bright, bold weddings. So, today I felt like it was time for something a little more soft and subdued...and the white and burlap wedding was born! I really enjoy just looking at this wedding. It's so pretty and romantic. I love the idea of taking something so pure and clean (like white) and mixing it with something more rustic and rough around the edges (like burlap).  It's the mixture of those two very different textures that make for such an interesting look.  The white and burlap could certainly be "dressed down" to work perfectly well in a backyard or barn wedding or could be "dressed up" and be completely acceptable in a more fancy, traditional setting. I love the versatility!

Photos courtesy of Style me Pretty, Elizabeth Anne Designs, and Image Spark

Center: cake
Top row: couple, table, plate, cake
Second row: goodie bag, ring pillow
Third row: table setting, banner
Fourth row: dessert, chair, candles

3 lovely comments:

Holly Marie said...


Laura said...

I love that style of cake icing. My sister says it looks messy. I may have to do it despite her disapproval.

Shardi said...

Holly: thank you! I appreciate the love :)

Laura: I love that style of icing too. I don't think it looks messy...I like that it's not perfect. Gives it some character. Plus, that type of icing tastes so much better! Fondant is not my cup of tea!

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