October 18, 2023

Purple, Pink & Gold

Could you even imagine a color palette any more romantic than this one? I sure can't. Everything about this just screams romance. How could you not fall in love if your wedding was decorated in this sweet, soft palette? I absolutely adore the fact that you can use so many different shades of pink and purple, and it still looks pulled together. You definitely aren't tied down to just plum. Or just soft pink. You can throw in all sort of different variations of these two colors, and it looks just as awesome. Plus, the gold ads a touch of sophistication and shine. And no wedding is complete without a little bit of shine, right?

Center: place setting
First row: bridesmaids, shoes, bride, favors
Second row: groom, telephone
Third row: dessert, bouquet
Fourth row: centerpiece, candle sticks, flower, pink shoes

5 lovely comments:

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

too funny cuz my palette is pink, purple and gold! yay! love this :)

Karen said...

I love this board, as I am a purple kind of girl! I'm also thinking about slipping some pink in - we'll see what the groom has to say about that!

k... said...

You had me at purple! Gorgeous!

amanda&graham said...

This is so close to our colour scheme, but ours leans more towards the main colour being blush (slightly less pinkish) with lavender and plum highlights :) Love it!

AlwaysWright said...

Always love purple

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