November 4, 2023

Mountain Wedding

I have major wedding envy for any bride and groom that ties the knot in front of a beautiful mountain range. As an Indiana bride, I am hours and hours away from any type of mountain. And, you always want what you can't have, right? To give myself something pretty to look at that will hopefully make me feel better (or skyrocket my jealousy to enormous heights), I've come up with this gorgeous mountain-inspired board. I love all the pretty details like the pine needles, the pine cones, and the awesome moose suckers. It just looks so laid back and comfortable. Being relaxed on your wedding day would maybe be possible with a setting like this. MAYBE.

Photo credits:

Center: couple
First row: kissing, name card, boutonniere, bride
Second row: canoe ring holder, bouquet
Third row: place setting, moose suckers
Fourth row: boots, nest, cake, bouquet

1 lovely comments:

Laura said...

Definitely love the rustic theme. Right up my alley as you said. I'm hoping I can pull it off the way I want it to look. That ring pillow is adorable. Too bad we aren't having a ring bearer in our wedding party. Just a couple of clumsy 20 and 30-somethings. Lol.



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