November 11, 2023

Pink, Purple & Golden Yellow Wedding

I love a wedding that isn't color-shy. Yes, black and white weddings can be gorgeous and elegant, but sometimes don't you feel like you just need to put a little pep in your step? I definitely do. Color just makes me happy. And let me tell you, that's something I definitely want to feel at a wedding: happiness. With a color palette like purple, pink and golden yellow, how could you be sad? It's so vibrant and unexpected and makes me warm all over like I just drank a glass of hot apple cider. Mmmm. I think I'm obsessed with the way that golden yellow color almost glows when paired with the deep purple and pink. Stunning. This would be perfect for an early fall/late summer day...especially with those adorable sunflowers!

Photo credits

Center: bouquet
First row: sunflowers, paper cone, boutonniere, cake
Second row: candle holder, bridesmaid
Third row: wedding party, flower
Fourth row: shoes, "Mr." letters, centerpiece, favors

2 lovely comments:

Karen said...

Who knew that yellows/golds would go so beautifully with pinks and purples? So pretty! I love the boutonniere and the cake especially!

myhappyhappenings said...

Aww so nice! Very vibrant photos.



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