November 16, 2023

Robin Egg & Yellow Wedding

We may be in the dead of fall (and fast approaching winter), but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little cheeriness. This beautiful robin egg blue and yellow wedding is just the cure to those drab and dreary fall afternoons. It's so bright and cheery, that you can't help but smile. It reminds me of summertime when the skies are blue and the sun is bright and you can stay outside all day and let the warm rays hit your face....sorry, I'm getting a little carried away! But doesn't that sound so nice right now? So go ahead, close your eyes and picture how fun and happy this wedding would be (and put yourself in those yellow shoes while you're there!).

Photo Credits:

Center: couple
First row: bouquet, shoes, stationary, umbrellas
Second row: bouquet wrap, bouquet
Third row: cake, rings
Fourth row: couple, pears, bridal party, cup

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