December 8, 2023

Movie wedding (with pink, blue, periwinkle and lilac)

On Monday I got an email from one of my readers, Belle. She is getting married next year, and needed some help envisioning what her wedding would look like. She had some great ideas for what she wanted, but just couldn't pull it all together - nothing better than an inspiration board to do the job!
I set out right away, creating a board for Belle that would reflect what her and her finace want.

Belle and her finace are big movie buffs, so what better way to recognize that than with a movie-themed wedding? It would be a great way to show off their unique personalities, which I love. There's nothing better than seeing personal touches in a wedding that directly reflects who the bride and groom are.

They also knew the colors that they wanted: pink, periwinkle, ice blue and lilac. Those just sound gorgeous, right?

I have to admit, this was a tricky board to make! With a themed wedding, it's hard to not to go overboard and make it cheesy. That's why, for this board, I went with a subtle movie theme, which allowed the overall feeling of the wedding to still be pretty.

Don't you love the idea of serving popcorn and bottled pop to make it feel like a movie theater? It's cute too! And I love the tickets stuffed inside a pretty vase. Unexpected, fun and pretty!

What do you think?

Photo Credits:

Center: bouquet
First row: popcorn, cake, roses
Second row: camera, couple
Third row: tickets, soda
Fourth row: stationery, lavender, shoes, centerpiece

Thanks, Belle, for contacting me! I LOVE making inspiration boards for people, so if you're having trouble getting an overall feeling for how your wedding will look, contact me! I would love to help you out. [email protected].

Much love! XO

3 lovely comments:

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Jessica said...

Beautiful! Love the board.

Candice {Marry Me Wedding Planners} said...

Most movie inspired themes that I have seen have been much louder with Red, Gold & black. I totally love what you have here.... Great stuff :-)



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