December 12, 2022

Red & Green Summer Wedding

Last week I got a request from Stephanie, a Blushing Bride reader, for an inspiration board. As you all could guess, I was really excited to work on it! Stephanie had a pretty specific vision of what she wanted her wedding to look like. She wanted her colors to be red and lime green. And no, she's not having a Christmas wedding. In fact, she's getting married in July! So, this was a challenge all on its own to take these colors and make them look summery. She also wanted it to be simple and elegant but have a country-look to it. She loves red tulips, mason jars, and wanted silver as the accent color.

I think the board turned out to be so pretty! Those red tulips make the whole thing look so vibrant and summery. I also love the use of fresh produce at a wedding; it's usually cheap, colorful and so refreshing to see. I incorporated apples and strawberries into Stephanie's wedding for a "pow" of color! There's also three different uses of mason jars in this board which I love (as drink glasses, hanging vases, and table setting holders). 

So what do you think? What's your favorite part of this color scheme?

Photo Credits
Center: tulip bouquet
First row: tulips, cake, flower girl, dress
Second row: table setting, mason jar
Third row: couple, shoes
Fourth row: apples, bride, macaroons, hanging vase

I love getting requests from my readers! If you're getting married and are having troubling envisioning your big day, email me - I'll be happy to help. I love making inspiration boards and helping out all your lovely brides! Email me at [email protected]


3 lovely comments:

Girl wit a Church Hat said...

I REALLY like this theme! The colors are almost unexpected for the summer but I love the way you pulled it all together! My favorite parts are the red heels with the hearts that match the red, heart-shaped cakes!

Shardi said...

Thanks for the comment love! I'm glad you enjoy the board as much as I do :)

Hilary Shea said...

I love this theme! It definitely looks like summer!

Hilary {Bayside Bride} // [email protected] //



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