August 31, 2023

Black, White & Yellow

I love black, white & yellow together. There's just something so cool and contemporary about it that I like. The sharp contrast between the black and yellow is striking, and the added white makes it look less like a bumble bee and more like a wedding. In my opinion, I think a black and white wedding with pops of bright yellow could be such an unexpected color palette. The black and white is super classic, and the yellow ads a touch of fun. Oh, and a damask pattern too? Such a great combo! What do you think?

Center: hearts
First: frame, escort card, silhouette, sash
Second row: cake, shoes
Third row: shoes, bouquet
Fourth row: flowers, damask, bridesmaid, couple

August 30, 2023

Parisian Wedding oo la la!

What could possibly be better than having your wedding in Paris, the city of love? Pretty much nothing. Unfortunately, that leaves most of us feeling depressed because, well, a wedding in Paris just isn't possible. The great thing is that you CAN have a Parisian inspired wedding without being in Paris! I love everything about French culture. It's so glamorous, whimsical and romantic. Why not create that feeling at your wedding? Use French postcards for invitations/decorations, set the mood with romantic colors, place simple French words at table settings, serve French foods. The possibilities are endless, oui? (The only French word I know!)

Photos courtesy of Style me Pretty
Center: Je'taime
First row: postcards, cake, shoes, bride
Second row: bouquet, envelope
Third row: table number, table
Fourth row: shoes, cream puffs, lips

August 29, 2023

Offbeat Boutonnieres

Since I'm on an "unconventional" kick today...I thought I'd share some quirky boutonniere pictures that I found from Austin Wedding Blog. Whether you hate them or love them, you have to admit that these are definitely off the beaten path and far more memorable than a typical flower boutonniere. So ladies, would you let your man rock one of these with his favorite character on it? Or would you say NO!?

Unconventional Wedding Gowns

If you're the type of bride who thinks, "A conventional wedding is a boring wedding" then boy do I have the perfect post for you! I don't think there's anything wrong with straying from the usual long, white wedding gown that 99% of all brides opt for. I mean, your wedding should be a reflection of who you are as a person. If you're quirky and fun and totally offbeat, then I'm a strong believer that your dress should match that. Even though it's not MY personal style, I think that these unconventional wedding dresses are fun and beautiful. I give these women major props for daring to be different!

Photo credit

Photo credit

August 28, 2023

Modern & Contemporary

Sleek. Modern. Contemporary. Three words that make for a stunning, breath-taking, beautiful wedding. This minimalist look is all about sharp lines, cool architectural patterns, and bold black and white with pops of color. I love it that it makes you feel like you are in an expensive penthouse in New York city, sipping champagne. Honestly, it's just so cool. I can hardly stand it! 

Photos courtesy of Style me Pretty

August 26, 2023

DIY Lace Doily Necklace

I love this necklace tutorial that I found from Elizabeth Anne Designs. The necklace is made from a doily, so not only is it super cute, but it's vintage as well-which is super awesome. Being able to take something old and give it new life is so great. That's exactly what this necklace does. And, when you're finished, it looks like a beautiful boutique piece that would be great for a bride or a bridesmaid (or just to wear on any old day!). It's really easy to do and hardly costs to my ears!

Finding the right doily for this project may be the hardest part.  You need one with good shape and structure in the size you like, but one that is also delicate enough.
You can purchase all of the supplies from this project (except for the *perfect* vintage doily, of course!) at Michael’s.  You will need:
  • Vintage doily
  • Sewing  glue
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Jewelry chain
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp closure
1) Lay your doily out and decide where to cut.  Be sure that each side of the doily after cutting has four loops for the chain.
2) After cutting the lace, dot sewing glue around the edges and where the chain will be added to prevent it from fraying.
3) Measure the chain for your neck and doily.
4) Open a jump ring with needle nose pliers, and attach it to one end of your chain.  Thread the jump ring through the doily.  Use flat nose pliers to close the jump ring.  Do the same with a smaller length of chain on the second doily loop on the same side of the necklace.  Then use another jump ring to attach the smaller length of chain to the longer length.  Repeat on the other side of the doily.

At the other ends of your chain, use jump rings to attach your necklace closures.  Rebekah found a precious typewriter key closure  for this necklace.
Voila, a beautiful vintage doily necklace!
Images and tutorial by Rebekah J Murray for Elizabeth Anne Designs.

August 25, 2023

Pink & Navy

I love this pink and navy combo. It's preppy and tailored and extremely energetic feeling. Plus, I think it represents a man and a woman so perfectly. I love it that you can take two bold colors, mix them together, and neither of them are competing with one another. It's pure wonderfullness. (I think I just made up a word). And, I love those pink and navy Nikes in the left upper corner. Yes, a groom really did wear those, which is way cool. But it would have been even better had they been worn by the bride :)

Center: couple
First row: Nike shoes, bouquet, table setting, place cards
Second row: cake, wedding party
Third row: table, tux
Fourth row: bridesmaid, flowers on chair, centerpiece, banners

August 24, 2023

Literature Wedding

With school having just started (and me thanking my lucky stars that I've graduated), I thought a literature-themed wedding would be so appropriate. I love the idea of a literary wedding because it's so effortlessly classic and vintage. There's even something extremely romantic about books. The great thing is that you could even get your centerpieces and decor from second-hand shops! Buy some vintage books and you've got instant decoration. Couldn't get any easier than that. Also, notice that the bouquet in the right corner is made of paper...not just any paper, but book pages! I love that. You could really get creative with this theme. Some couples name their tables after American classics, some send out personalized pencils as favors, and some even cut their books up to make literary works of art. Give it a shot!

Center: book
First row: Table 2, books and camera, paper vase, Table 3
Second row: upright books
Third row: couple, bouquet
Fourth row: rings, stack of books, library cards

August 23, 2023

DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Just a few days ago, I made an inspiration board for a Vineyard-inspired wedding that was so chic, if I do say so myself. Well, today I came across this fantastic DIY tutorial at Hostess with the Mostess that I thought fit the vineyard theme so perfectly, that I just had to post it. (Check out their website for detailed instructions!) No, wine bottle centerpieces are nothing new. But, these are on a whole other level! They are so cute that I think I might make some just for the heck of put in my room, office, wherever! I'm just excited that I finally have a use for all of the wine bottles that I go through (no, it's not that many. Don't be alarmed). They couldn't be any easier. But, they also couldn't be any cuter. So, it's a win-win!

And, make sure you notice the corks chillin' with the flowers in the arrangement. Love that detail!

Images via Hostess with the Mostess

August 22, 2023

Mustard-Yellow Wedding

I can't possibly be the only one who thinks this golden-yellow color is completely under-rated. I mean, it's just so beautiful and rich and completely perfect for a fall wedding. This would be especially perfect for a bride who loves yellow, but isn't getting married in the spring or summer and needs something a little less sunny. The golden hue is so appropriate for a wedding in late Sept, Oct, or Nov. because it mimics that color-changing leaves so perfectly. I, for one, think it's divine. For an even more fall-ish color palette, pair it with a deep, rich brown; for a lighter, airy feel, pair it with white. The great thing about it is that it can stand on it's own and still make a huge impact on the ambiance of your wedding. And, it reminds me of mustard, my favorite condiment. Woo hoo!

Photos courtesy of Style me Pretty
Center: Bride
First row: pinwheel, boutonierre, dress, rooster can
Second row: couple, pomanders
Third row: stationary, bridesmaids
Fourth row: rings, couple, centerpiece, cake topper

August 21, 2023

Purple, Purple and more Purple

Since purple is my favorite color, it comes as a surprise to me that I have yet to make a purple inspiration board! (Seriously, what is wrong with me?!) So, here it is. A beautiful, bright, cheery, drool-worthy purple-inspired wedding. Because there are so many different shades of purple out there, it was hard for me to focus on just a couple shades. But, I feel like most brides opt for a deep, dark, plum-ish purple for their wedding (myself, included). So, here I am to show you that bright purple can be pretty too! And elegant. And completely appropriate for a classy wedding. I'm seriously re-considering the shade of purple at my own wedding now. Dang me! I am my own worst enemy :)

How about you? Is purple of any shade making an appearance at your wedding?

Photo Credits:
Center: bouquet
First row: flowers, dessert, bride
Second row: dress, straws
Third row: table setting
Fourth row: shoes, napkin, cupcakes, shoe

August 19, 2023

DIY Rosette Cake

I love this DIY idea from The Wedding Chicks. It makes decorating your own wedding cake looks super easy. For brides on a budget who are considering making their own cake (or having a friend or family member do it), this is the perfect project. It's super simple, and when you're done, it looks so chic and beautiful! Nobody would know that you didn't pay top dollar for it.

The beautiful rosettes that are used for decoration can be put on any cake. Make a short round cake, a square cake, a tiered cake, or tiny French cakes, like the ones pictured. Then make some of these beautiful rosettes, adorn it with a bold ribbon, and you've got a professional-looking cake that's easy to make and easy on the wallet.

1. Scissors
2. Card stock (a variety of shades is nice)
3. A Pencil
4. Ribbon (for added décor)

1. Lightly trace a spiral pattern on a 5″x5″ piece of card stock
2. Cut out the spiral along its lines

3. Simply roll the spiral from the outside until it forms a rosette and pull away the edges to make the rosette “bloom”
4. Cut out leaves for the rosette using green card stock
5. Place the rosette on the top of your cake, or around the edges.
6. Cut a piece of ribbon to go around the base, and glue it in place using non-toxic adhesive.


Again a special thanks to our North Carolina Photographers, Hilton Pittman Photography for this crafty DIY!

August 18, 2023

Pale Yellow and Green

Yellow and green are two colors that could be an eye-sore together. They are both so intense and bold that I wouldn't normally think about pairing them unless you want a citrus-overload! But, if you love these two colors and can't imagine not having them for your wedding, here's a great way to do it. Pale shades of the two are absolutely gorgeous together! They complement each other instead of trying to compete with one another, and the effect is so nice. It's soft and sweet, but fun and energetic at the same time. I, for one think this is such a fresh look that hasn't been overdone, which makes me love it even more!

Center: bouquet
First row: table decoration, banner, pennant, hair flower
Second row: cake, girls
Third row: bridesmaids
Fourth row: flowers, centerpieces, table, glasses

August 17, 2023

Vineyard-inspired Wedding

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: you don't have to have your wedding at a vineyard to have a wine-inspired wedding. No really, you don't! (Notice that I didn't include one picture that shows an actual vineyard!) All you've got to have are details and decorations that scream "You're at a fancy vineyard in Napa Valley!" and you'll start to think you really are.

A wine-themed wedding can be so elegant. It could be especially fun if you're from somewhere that doesn't have very many vineyards. It will be like a mini getaway for you and your guests. The trick is to make your friends and family feel like they're at a vineyard. Think: corks, grapes, lots of wine, cheese, bread, wine barrels/crates and of course, a color palette to match. When I think of wine, I imagine dark purples, plums, reds, pinks. Stick to some of these things and you'll be able to pull off a fun, chic, sophisticated vineyard wedding, without the vineyard!

Photo Credits:

Center: table
First row: suit, wine, bride
Second row: wine box
Third row: cheese, purple centerpiece
Fourth row: couple with grapes, vine centerpiece, corks, bouquet

August 16, 2023

Mini-sized appetizers

Appetizers can be great for a wedding, especially if you're planning on giving your guests a cocktail hour between the ceremony and the reception. Plus, everybody loves food that comes in tiny, bite-sized portions. I mean, c'mon, they're just plain fun to eat! But what's even better than small portions, are food that are actually mini-sized. Typically, you take a food that is normal-sized, and shrink it down so that people can eat it in one bite. Mini foods are cute. And they're smart. They'll keep your guests occupied while you're gone. Just don't be surprised if you walk in and find them all pretending to be giants.

Photos courtesy of Style me Pretty, Bridal Bar, Examiner, and The Bride Suite.
From left to right: 1.Mini potato skins  2.Mini ice cream cones  3.Mini corn dogs  4.Mini pies  5.Mini hamburgers  6. Mini pancakes  7.Mini doughnuts  8.Mini pop-tarts  9.Mini grilled cheese/tomato soup  10.Mini champagne bottles  11.Mini cheesecakes  12.Mini caramel apples  13.Mini milkshakes.


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