January 25, 2023

2012 Disney Princess Dress Collection Is Out!

You've all seen the Disney princess wedding dress collection by Alfred Angelo, right? If you haven't, it's a collection of dresses that are modeled after the Disney princesses. As a girl who loves everything Disney, I think it's pretty awesome. However, I never thought that they'd come out with a NEW 2012 collection! So exciting. And get this - they've got Disney bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and veils this year too! How awesome.

Without further ado, here are the brand new Disney princess-inspired dresses. I honestly can't even pick a favorite - I love them all. Would you rock any of these on your big day?

1. Rapunzel


2. Jasmine


3. Ariel


4. Tiana


5. Snow White


6. Cinderella


7. Rapunzel #2


8. Sleeping Beauty


9. Belle


10. Cinderella #2


If you'd like to get more info or check out ALL the dresses from this year as well as last year, veils, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, you can check it out HERE!

9 lovely comments:

Nicole said...

These dresses are so pretty!

Sharon said...

I think they are all really pretty but I couldn't see myself wearing any of them. I'm curious now to check out the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses

Holly said...

Gorgeous! :)

Bethany Jensen said...

Uhhh this is absolutely amazing. I had no idea they did this, gorgeous!

Amanda C. said...

Those are amazing. I like Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty.

Lioness Rebirth said...

WOW!!!! These pictures are breath taking.

Leah said...

So many women want to have a fairytale wedding and feel like a princess on their wedding day, so what better way than to introduce a Princess collection! I always love Jasmine!

xo L.

Justine said...

I really like this idea, maybe not for my wedding, but for someone it would be perfect and amazing!



Rashelle said...

Ooo you know I love Disney princesses! I would totally wear Jasmine or Cinderella. LOVE THEM! xoxo



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