January 24, 2023

Southwestern Wedding

What's more beautiful than a bunch of bold colors making their appearance at a wedding? A bunch of bold colors mixed with an earthy, rustic elegance perhaps. I just LOVE this combination of colors together. The deep orange, the turquoise blue, the vivid green - somehow it all just works together.

It makes me think of the many trips my family and I have taken out West. It's all so beautiful. I love the reddish tint the earth has there, the short, stubby shrubbery and the beautiful turquoise jewelry. I love how you feel like you could wear cowboy boots every day, and live outside taking in the scenery.

If you'd like to have a Southwest wedding, think: earthy yet bright colors, feathers, organic materials, weedy flowers. It'd be easy to pull off and would make your guests feel like they're part of a fabulous John Wayne movie!

Photo credits
Center: bouquet
First row: earrings, place setting, shoes, cake
Second row: flowers, couple
Third row: boots, centerpiece
Fourth row: mugs, jewelry, feather, bouquet

3 lovely comments:

jillian nicole said...

Gorgeous colours and great Southwestern inspiration!:)

Lisa said...

This is so pretty! I love all the flowers you picked! :)

Kathy said...

I so love the colors! Especially the mugs in the far bottom left hand corner!




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