January 20, 2023

Wedding Favor Friday

As far as wedding favors in general go, I can't really decide if I like them or I hate them. I mean, a lot of the time, they seem to be useless little trinkets that either don't get taken home, or get thrown away immediately after. Knowing how much money goes into these little favors for 200 to 300 people, I just HATE the thought of wasting that money, when it could have been spent on something else. On the other hand, favors are a great way to say "Thank you" to the guests who helped you celebrate your big day (and brought you presents!).  A simple gesture can go a long way. So, what's a girl to do?

I think they key is finding a favor that you KNOW your guests are going to love/use. If it's something that can be enjoyed during the reception, or can be enjoyed long after the wedding, then you've got yourself a winner.

Here's a few favor ideas that I think pass the "favor test." With these, you know you won't be wasting your money on something your guests will find useless!

1. Homemade coffee or tea sachets - Your guests can brew these up after a long night of dancing and partying. They're cute, inexpensive, and with a saying like "Love is brewing," how can you go wrong?


2. Fun Sunglasses - This may be a little bit "out there" for some people, but just think about how much fun your guests will have wearing and taking pictures in these all night. Just one picture of Grandma in them will make it worth it.


 3. Mini Champagne Bottles - This may not be appropriate for younger guests, but the adults will sure appreciate it. They can drink it that night, or take it home and save it for a later occasion. Either way, you know they're guaranteed a good, bubbly time.


4. Olive Oil - These favors would be absolutely perfect at a vineyard wedding, or really any wedding for that matter.

5. Teacups - Who doesn't love a teacup? I can guarantee even your male guests would take it home. And, if you pick up some random, mismatched teacups at vintage stores, you'll have an adorable, fun display for a great price!

6. Caramel Apples - I actually considered doing these for my wedding, since I'm getting married in the fall. They're a cute and semi-healthy :) alternative to the other sweets at your wedding.

7. Preserves/Jam - Yum. Everyone loves homemade preserves. Make some, bottle it up in mason jars and print out your own labels. It'd be a fun project that your guests will love.

8.  Plants - This idea is one of my favorites, because your guests will probably get the most use out of it. Whether it's an herb plant, an evergreen, a succulent, etc., they can take it home, plant it and enjoy it for years to come. It's like your love will keep growing and growing (cheesy?)!

9. Honey - How adorable is a jar of honey and a honeycomb? Love this for a backyard, summer wedding!

10. Blankets - Depending on when your wedding is, sometimes the nights can turn a little chilly. And if your wedding is outside, chances are the girls are going to need something to keep them warm so they don't have to dance for hours on end just to fight the cold.

11. Vanilla - If you've ever had homemade vanilla, you know how delicious it can be! And when bottled up, corked and decorated, it looks too cute to use.

12. Soap - Yay, soap! What a great way to give your smelly friends a (not so subtle) hint :)

12 lovely comments:

Gabi G said...

My favorite are the sun glasses! So fun and you can personalize them with a fun message!

Sharon said...

We are thinking about doing mini wine bottles, and thinking of other options for our under 21 guests

Karen said...

We are debating favors right now! I agree, you want to make sure guests will take the favors at the end of the night (or enjoy them during the reception!). We're leaning towards candy or chocolate for now...

jillian nicole said...

These are all so fun! We gifted our guests with those monogram, mugs from Anthro. since we're both big coffee/tea lovers!:) I'm sure guests would be elated with any of these though!

k... said...

I so wanted to do the mini champagne. They would've been so cute. I love all of your picks!

Rashelle said...

If you put teacups on all of the tables at your wedding, I'm going to snatch them all up before the guests even see them. Or I'll accept them as payment for your dollar dance!

20 Going on 80 said...

I love all of these! But I think the caramel apples with a cute label would be so fun since you're having a fall wedding!

Reese said...

I love all of these ideas. So creative. I also wanted to let you know that I've given you an award. Check out my blog for the details :)

el.vi. said...

I really looked into wine/champagne bottles for favors but they were $$$$ Favors were something that I let the Mr. pick...heehee...he really liked that job. Good luck finding yours!!

Shardi said...

Gabbi: I love the sunglasses too! You just KNOW any wedding with those would be a blast!

Sharon: That's a great idea! Why not have two different favors? Love it.

Karen: Can't go wrong with winning over your guests' hearts (and stomachs!) with food!

Jillian: Ugh! I LOVE those mugs. Such a great idea.

K: Yes, they're so adorable.

Rash: Haha I know you'd steal them all! That's why I can't do it.

20 going on 80: I'm glad you think those would be cute. I'm highly considering it. Who wouldn't love a caramel apple?

Reese: Thanks, girl! I appreciate it.

El.vi: Ahhh, really? That's so disappointing that they're so expensive. Thanks for the good luck wishes.

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

I agree I am having such a hard time picking out favors for my wedding. It is making me crazy. I want something functional I dislike little figurines and meaningless stuff.

Anonymous said...

We live in the winter strawberry capitol of the world, Plant City Florida, we made little half pint jars of strawberry jam for my son and daughter in law's wedding favors, topped with a square of cute fabric that coordinated with the wedding colors and had a tag on them that said..."spread the love"...with the names and dates on it..everyone loved it..some ate it there and left the empty jars..
200 jars, lots of work, but totally worth it..



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