March 22, 2023

The Smoky Mountains

Hello lovelies!

Brandt and I just got home a couple of days ago from our mini-vacay to the Smoky Mountains. Let me tell you, it was GORGEOUS. If you don't remember (or don't know this about us), Brandt and I got engaged last year on Saint Patrick's Day in the Smoky Mountains. Although we didn't necessarily plan it, we got to celebrate our one year of engagement down there again. One year already? Ughh. I'm at the point where I'm SO ready to be married.

 Since I haven't had much time lately to post, I wanted to at least show you a few pictures from our trip.

Here we are in downtown Gatlinburg. Anyone ever been there? There's so many cute shops and tons of fantastic places to eat. It was one of those trips where I felt like all we did was eat. Not complaining.

We went on an absolutely beautiful hike called Porter's Creek that ended up at a waterfall.

We (and by "we" I mean Brandt) drank lots of beer. Hey, give him a break - it was Saint Patrick's Day!

 This is Brandt eating oysters....and my reaction to him eating oysters. Disgusting. Who wants to eat a giant loogy?

Gross. That picture still grosses me out. So there ya have it - our trip to the Smokys in a nutshell. Have you guys ever been there? If not, you should go. It's such a beautiful park and there's so much to see. The entire week, we only saw one bear from really far away. But since I've practically ran into one on a trail before, I'd say that's not a bad thing! haha. Have a great weekend, all!

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