April 2, 2023

Mira Zwillinger Spring 2012

Have you seen the Mira Zwillinger gowns for spring 2012? You are going to DIE. Die, I say! That's how incredibly beautiful they are. They textures are so unique - there is so much detail going on in these fabulous dresses! I love the pop of nude in a few of them too. They're just so modern and unique, not to mention romantic! You couldn't wear one of these and not feel like a couture goddess straight from the magazines. Honestly, I can't see these dresses being un-flattering on anybody. The fabric is perfectly draped, and hugs the body so wonderfully, and yet it flows to create flattering shapes and lines. Goodness gracious. These are some of my favorite dresses that I've seen in a long time (I know I say that a lot - but these are holding spot #1 right now!). So, have a look. These are just my favorites - there's so many more to look at here!

What dress designer are you head-over-heels about at the moment? Share, please!

3 lovely comments:

Emily said...

Number two! Number two!
But don't tell Z. He can't know a thing about what type of dress I like! ;)

Jess said...

you were right... i DIED!!!!!!!! the first two dresses are so so sososososoo gorgeous.

Menachérie said...

Oh jeez I love all of these! They are so gorgeous it's ridiculous (:

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