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Want a way to get more traffic to your website and increase your sales? Become a sponsor of The Blushing Bride.  I am extremely easy to work with, and will do whatever I can to build a strong foundation and relationship with you. My sponsors are important to me, and I will try my hardest to give you the best outcome possible.

About The Blushing Bride

The Blushing Bride is a blog dedicated to providing the bride-to-be with inspiration and ideas that she can use for her own wedding planning. The blog focuses on giving daily inspiration ranging from wedding themes and color palettes to DIY projects and product reviews.  As the owner and blogger of The Blushing Bride, as well as a woman planning her own wedding, I know the kind of help and inspiration that future brides are looking for.  Planning a wedding can be tough, and I hope to make the decision-making, purchasing, and to-do lists not so daunting for my readers. Weddings are my passion! I love to come up with new, inventive ideas and share them with the wedding world. 

Advertising Options

Currently, there are three ways in which you can sponsor this blog. You can purchase a banner advertisement, a sponsor introduction post, and/or a product giveaway. All three are great ways to get more traffic to your site and raise awareness of your company to a large number of people in the wedding community. 

Banner Advertisement
The Blushing Bride offers banner advertisement on a monthly basis with a first-time minimum purchase of two months.  The Blushing Bride must approve all ads before placing them on the site. Only companies with ads appropriate to The Blushing Bride will be approved. Ads are placed in the side column of the blog and will carry over on each page. Contact me at [email protected] for more information.  

Sponsor Introduction Post

Once you sign up for banner advertisement on The Blushing Bride, you will automatically be featured in a sponsor introduction post. This will include a nice article about your company, photos of your choosing, and links to your website. All sponsored posts will remain in The Blushing Bride archives and will also be added to our “Sponsors” page for easy navigation. Contact me at [email protected].

If you would not like to purchase banner advertisement, but would still like to be featured, you can do so for a one-time fee.  Your company must be relevant to The Blushing Bride in order to be eligible. 

Product Giveaways 

If you purchase banner advertisements with The Blushing Bride, you will automatically be eligible to participate in a giveaway on the blog. You certainly aren’t required to, but it does bring a lot of extra attention and traffic to your website.

If you would not like to purchase banner advertisement, but would still like to be considered for a giveaway, please contact me at [email protected]

For more information on how you can become a sponsor, email me for a media kit.  It includes traffic numbers, pricing and advertisement details. Contact me at [email protected].

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for considering The Blushing Bride for your sponsorship needs. I truly appreciate it!

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