My Big Day

Welcome to my wedding page! I have a beautiful family, beautiful friends, and a beautiful rock on my finger from my beautiful fiancée (yes, I said beautiful fiancée, and I'm sticking to it). We got engaged in the Smoky Mountains on Saint Patrick's day this year on a hike in the park. Yes, it was a surprise; yes, I cried a little, but hey, his eyes were watery too; and no, there weren't forest creatures gathered around us clapping-but yes, I wish there had been.

Now that the initial shock has worn off, I am giddily planning for our wedding in Fort Wayne, Indiana on September 29, 2012. I've chosen my bridal party, bought my dress (which my dad picked out), and booked the reception venue, but that's about the extent of it. I have SO much more to do and will be eagerly posting ideas/thoughts for my wedding on this page. Thanks for reading!


MY Bridesmaids!

Since I'm on the subject of bridesmaids, I thought I would go ahead and let you know that after much searching and debate, I've finally made a decision about what I want my bridesmaids to wear! (YAY).  This was a particularly difficult decision for me because I have such a strong hatred for traditional bridesmaid dresses. I just can't stand the unoriginality of almost every single one of them. I want my girls to look and feel their best on my wedding day - not feel like they paid $300 for a dress that they hate. Plus, all of my girls are so differently built. How was I ever going to find a dress to complement them all?

The other day I came across a picture. THE picture that made me go, "There! That's exactly what I want!"

And here it is! I couldn't be more excited about it. I've always like the whole mismatched look, but had never been sure if it was right for me or my girls. But after seeing this picture, I am in love. I love the colors. I love the length. I love how they are so different and yet perfectly coordinated.

I informed all of my girls the other day that I wanted them to all buy their own dresses. They could choose whatever they want as long as it's long and in the general color family. I don't care where they get them or how much they are - just have a dress my September 29, and we'll be good! They were all really excited about it, and so and I. I'm just excited that I have made a DECISION. Yes!

My Engagement Pics

I'm so excited today! Why? Because my engagement pics came in the mail! I have been patiently (Ok, not so patiently) waiting to see them, and they are finally here. I am absolutely BEYOND thrilled with how they turned out. I think they're so gorgeous. The lighting in them in phenomenal. I have to give a big thanks to our photographer, Vilma at GEM PHOTOGRAPHY for taking such lovely photographs. They exceeded my expectations. You should def. check out her website for some total eye-candy.

 You can't even tell from looking at the pictures that it was FREEZING that day (not to mention early). I was afraid that my goosebumps were going to show from a mile away. But luckily, we look pretty cozy and comfortable. Who would of thought? Taking engagement pics was such a great experience. It allowed us to get comfortable with Vilma, as well as comfortable posing together in front of the camera. I like to think of it as great practice for our wedding day. I know that I feel better knowing how Vilma works and how Brandt and I work together. So much fun!

Of course I wouldn't just tell you about my engagement pics without sharing some with you. So, here are some of my favorites! What do you guys think? Which is your favorite?


My Wedding! (Coral, Raspberry, Lime & Plum)

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately for my own wedding colors. It has been such a difficult task for me! It's so easy for me to come up with beautiful, inspiring color schemes on a daily basis...but picking one for your own wedding is damn near impossible. I want a color scheme that gives me just the right feeling. Up until recently, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted that feeling to be, which made picking the exact right color scheme a daunting task. I've even come up with other schemes that I thought were what I wanted...and then ended up feeling like something was missing.

Here's the criteria I finally realized I wanted to fulfill:

1. It had to feel like FALL. My fiance and I picked September 29 as our wedding date for a reason-we love the fall. Up until now I'd forgotten about that.

2. I needed color. My other inspiration boards I was coming up with for my own wedding were too drab. I needed a nice pop of color (or colors) so the wedding would feel cheery.

3. I still wanted to incorporate my finace and I's favorite colors (green & purple).

4. I wanted the wedding to be a reflection of us as a couple. We are very earthy, rustic people. I needed a scheme that embodied that, but still had an elegant flair.

And, now, I am happy to say that I came up with a scheme that embodies all of these things! I FINALLY have a color scheme that makes me happy. That makes me feel excited about pulling it all together to make one hell of an awesome day. So here it is!

Coral, Raspberry, Lime & Plum

Gorgeous, huh? I sure think so. I love how perfectly that bouquet represents everything I want. Earthy, fall-ish, and elegant all at the same time. So, what do you think? Can't you just picture it being so warm and friendly? I'm so very excited. And I hope you all love it as much as I do!

Center: bouquet
First row: shoes, lantern, raspberry dessert, shoes
Second row: boutonniere, table number
Third row: cherries, lips
Fourth row: bridesmaid, drink, table setting, plant

Featured on Two Wedding Belles

Hello all of my fabulous readers. Today is such a great day. First, I announced the winner of the organizing utility tote from Thirty-One, which is so exciting. I love being able to offer my readers some great giveaways. (Congrats Athena!)

Secondly, I've been featured on Two Wedding Belles! Their Eyes on the Bride series features different brides that are currently planning their weddings. In my interview, I give some insight into what the process has been like for me, what my wedding is going to look like, and of course some fun planning ideas.

I'd really appreciate it if you would visit Two Wedding Belles and check out my post! It's a quick read and hopefully it will help you give some insight into my life and planning process.

Here's a sneak peek:

While you're there, take a look around at the rest of their blog. They have some awesome DIY projects, real wedding photographs, and some beautiful inspiration boards, like this one (which is one of my favorites of theirs!) It's a Christmas in Whoville board! How creative and beautiful.

Check out Two Wedding Belles for photo credits, and to view more great wedding ideas!

Thank you Two Wedding Belles for the opportunity. I truly appreciate it!  

It's a Wrap! (I'm so clever)

Remember the post I had a few days ago, featuring an awesome dress from Etsy? (Here!).
They're handmade by Coralie Beatrix and just stunning.

Well, I've really been looking into it further. At first I just thought it was a pretty dress. But, the more I'm looking at it, the more I'm loving it. Let me tell you why.

1. It's convertible. It can be worn a ton of different ways. And, I mean a TON.

Here's a few examples of the tops. Keep in mind, these are all the SAME dress, just tied differently.

2. It would be perfect for the mismatched bridesmaid look. Each girl could tie their dress differently, but they would all be cohesive because, essentially, they're the same dress!

3. They come in long and short and both are just awesome.

4. They come in a one size fits most deal (size 2-12). If you are small, you just wrap your dress more times. So, it wouldn't be a huge hassle fitting everybody.

5. If it's too long, or you don't like the length, you just cut off the bottom where you want it. The fabric doesn't need a hem.

6. They claim to be super flattering on every body shape, which would be great. Each girl could just find a way to wear it that flatters them, and wear it that way.

7. They're not very expensive! $79 for a short dress, $99 for a long one.

So, what to do, what to do.....I think I might order one for myself. Then I can play around with it and see if I like it. Plus, all the other girls could try it on too! Which one do you like best?? Long? Short? Which color?

To Match or Not to Match?

Lately I've really been thinking about bridesmaid dresses. I'm pretty positive on the fact that I think I want black or gray. I really like the simple elegance of a little black dress that just screams "I look damn good and I know it!" Where I'm coming in to trouble is whether or not to have matching dresses or not. I kind of like the idea of all of the girls having different dresses, in a similar silhouette. And if I went with black, it would be super easy to find different dresses in the same color. Black is black, right? I wanted to get my fellow blogger's opinion. What do you think? Do you like the idea of different dresses, or are you a matchy-matchy kind of gal? Help me out!

Mismatched Vs. Matchy

Here's an example from Style me Pretty

Courtesy of Calgary Wedding Planner

Wild Wild West

I'm home! From where, you ask? Why, the wild wild West of course!

I don't want to bore you with the details, but here's a little run-down of how our vacation went:
My family, fiance, and I experienced a two week CAMPING trip. I emphasize camping, because this was no fancy-schmancy, hotel-staying, shower-every-day type of trip. It was a sleeping-on-the-ground, hat-wearing, get-in-touch-with-nature vacation. To some girls, this would sound like a trip from Hell. To me, however, it was fantastic! I had an absolute blast. We started out in Indiana, made an 18-hour drive to the Badlands, went across South Dakota, went into Yellowstone, and then made the loop back home.

Unfortunately, living in the woods doesn't offer much chance to do some of my favorite technological activities-blogging for one. I've been dying to get home and get my blog back in order, and here I am. Here are just a few pictures of the Mr. and I on our trip! What do ya think?

Brandt in the Badlands, South Dakota

Custer State Park, Wyoming

Mount Rushmore


Jackson, Wyoming

Brother, Fiance, & I at the Grand Tetons


By Jeeves, I've got it!

For my own wedding day, I'm still not entirely sure what color scheme I'm going to choose. It's so easy to pick out tons of beautiful wedding themes for other people, but when it comes to my own wedding, it's much much tougher. However, I think I've finally come up with something that just may work! Here's what I had to consider when going through my thought process:

1. My fiancée's favorite color is green.
2. My favorite color is purple.
3. I don't want the purple and green to look like Barney.
4. Our reception venue is black and silver.
5. Our wedding will be in late September, meaning that I wouldn't want too summery of colors.
6. Everything must be drool-worthy.

And voîla! My inspiration board is born. I am obsessed with little black bridesmaid dresses, so that is a must. While purple and green may be a bit, "My eyeballs are burning out of their sockets" when done too brightly and elaborately, I think I can pull it off with HINTS of the colors in muted tones. I can't overdo it. So right now I'm thinking: black, silver, dark purple & green. Ya? Ya? What do you think?

Photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty & The Knot

Oooo, pretty!

With my own wedding coming up in a little over a year, I have been spending hours scouring the internet for centerpiece ideas that I like. It seemed pretty easy to me, until my fiancée and I booked our reception venue. We are having it at YOLO, which is a new reception hall that is hooked onto a night club. So, the place is pretty dark: think black ceilings, gray/silver walls, etc. I've realized that not just any old centerpiece will work for a place like this. Anything I do will just get lost in the dim lights of the room.

Finally, after much searching, I think I've got it: light up centerpieces! Sounds trashy, right? I don't want my reception looking like Showgirls III, for obvious reasons. Luckily, I've found some pictures that I think look up-scale and fun, without any of the sleeze. So here they are. What do you think?



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